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Monetizing Land

Based on its fully integrated land development process, Gilbert & Ezelle has developed a niche for monetizing significant land holdings – in other words, converting  “raw” or undeveloped land into net sales revenues and /or future earnings. Gilbert & Ezelle has developed a “develop versus sell” model for each land owner that allows them to measure the risk versus the reward associated with preparing their property for sale.  The following continuum delineates the range of options for each land owner:

The Sell “As – Is” option offers no additional risk or reward to the owner.  However, for each additional step along the spectrum there is a higher level of potential earnings along with additional risk and expenses.   The optimal option is significantly influenced by the physical and locational attributes of a specific land holding and associated market conditions along with the financial needs and expectations of the owners, as well as their patience and appetite for risk.

The ability to provide a land owner with a detailed understanding of their full range of options and associated returns is a powerful and valuable tool. Gilbert & Ezelle has developed a reputation for successfully executing optimal marketing plans and disposition strategies for significant land holdings, with the ability to take full advantage of and quickly react to market conditions.

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